Tuesday, October 5, 2010

EU still trying to weasel out of IR Sanctions

EU still trying to weasel out of IR Sanctions

by Traneh Mousavi on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 6:50pm
EU is trying to tie the end of sanctions to IR's nuclear program. There are several problems with this idiotic and short sited view.

First and foremost is the shocking lack of EU's  reaction to human rights violations in Iran. EU acts as if Iranians do not DESERVE human rights. As long as EU gets Iran's oil cheep, they do not give a damn what happens to our people.

Secondly, to tie the sanctions to Iran's compliance with international atomic energy standards is at best fools dream. For years Iran has been able to hide it's activities and will do so again in the future. Every time getting closer to the ultimate goal of owning a nuclear bomb.

Third and most important reason is that IR has NEVER in it's history kept a promise it gave. If they ever give a promise it is to evade another issue or just kill time until the tides turn to their favor. Strangely, EU has never learned its lesson. Is it their arrogance or the excess of greed to steal Iran's resources at bargain basement prices? I'd say both, sadly.

For all the above reason, I call on the EU governments to stop this colonial attitude towards Iran. They know as well as we do that this government is not stable and is doomed to demise soon. If EU wants to partner with free Iran in the future it better act with compassion towards he people now.