Sunday, October 17, 2010

Please read this entire page before asking questions :)

General Information:

  • The tweet storm team will write the first few tweets that will give a general information about the situation
  • All tweets written by volunteers must include demands and not try to give information.
  • Demands are NOT asking for resolutions or condemnations or even UN resolutions.
  • Demands must have measurable impact on IR such as demand for economic sanctions, demand for protecting a prisoner, demand to tie economic sanctions to human rights violations or demand to State Department to expand the list of IR criminals or the most recent demand by US and EU lawyers to restrict travel for IR personnel.
  • Tweets can not include any links
  • All tweets must include the targets
  • All tweets must be delivered by Tuesday AM US time. From next week call for tweets will go out on Fridays.
  • Do not be upset if your tweet is not selected :))
  • Each week will have  
    • One main topic, usually about 30+ tweets
    • Up to three extra credit tweet , about 4 for each
  • Best tweet for main category will be selected as the top tweet of the week. We will ask people to tweet and re-tweet this tweet all week.
  • I acknowledge all people who participated by posting their tweeter name in the blog post and FB page. If you DO NOT want your name mentioned you must let me know in advance.

Tweet Storm Topic week 10/20/10 Tweet Storm ONLY. Topics, targets and demands change for each week.
  • Tweet Storm topic  Protest Denial of rights to Iran' Children by IR
  • Targets : @UNICEF @eu_relex @statedept #iranelectio #ts
  • Extra credit : Nasrin Stodeh, Majid Dari
  • Targets for extra credit : @eu_relex @statedept #iranelectio #ts
  • Demands for main storm
    • Demand for Human rights
    • demand for Children's rights
    • Demand to tie sanctions to IR human rights violations
    • Demand EU (eu_relex) to adopt State Department’s sanction on Human Rights abuser in IR
    • Demand for travel restrictions on IR leaders
  • Demands for extra credit
    • Demand for Nasrin Stodeh’s immediate and unconditional release
    • Demand for Majod Dari’s immediate and unconditional release
    • Demand for all prisoners of conscience to be released