Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tweet Storm yielding results, please join us.

Tweet Storm yielding results, please join us.

Friends, we are getting results from Tweet Storm.

Last week we had a tweet storm asking EU to increase the sanctions and include Sepah and IR leaders like State Department did. The same day we received a tweet from one of EU law makers in response to tweet storm, telling us that she is proposing the same thing the next day to the EU foreign law makers body. IT WORKED. Yesterday we got news of increased sanctions, blocked Spah assets in EY banks and put restrictions on their travel.

Three weeks ago, Clinton's assistant was re-tweeting our tweets and sending them on. A week after that State Department put 8 IR leaders on Human Rights violators list and froze their assets.

Our first tweet storm was asking for Shiva Nazar Ahary's release and the next day she was released on bail.

SOME BODY IS LISTENING TO US. Please join us and help protect the lives of Iran's future leaders.

Next week we are following up on Heshmat Tabarzady's request to have his case against Khamenii taken up by International courts. Please join us to send 2000 tweets for the event.
If you do not know how to use twitter we will help you. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS HOW TO CUT AND PASTE!!