Friday, March 4, 2011

Tweet Storm: In defense of Karubi, Mousavi and all prisoners of consience

If you can join us in Tweet Storm: 
Date and Time: Thursday March 17, 2011
California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm
If you can not join us on Thursdays then Tweet Every Night!!
Date and Time: WEEK OF March 14- March 20 

Messrs. Mousavi and Karubi did not come to our aid in the 80's when IR slaughtered our friends and family BUT we will do all we can in their defense. WHY? Because we believe in Human Rights and Human Dignity FOR ALL not just OUR friends!!

1- EU and US close all IR embassies until ALL poli prisoners including Karubi and Mousavi are freed  @eu_eeas @StateDept #iranelection

2- If IR is allowed to kill Mousavi and Karubi , IR will  start another mass killing of poli prisoners   @eu_eeas @StateDept #iranelection @UN

3- Female Poli Prisoners in serious danger of rape and physical torture.  @eu_eeas @StateDept Demand their human rights  #iranelection

4- @eu_eeas Thank you for putting IR HR violators on HR crime list @StateDept must follow EU's Lead #iranelection @UN

5- @eu_eeas We are glad to see EU stand for human rights. @StateDept Bring IR to HR crimes court  #iranelection @UN

6- PPL of #Iran want secular democracy, freedom & laws bases on HR   @eu_eeas @StateDept act to preserve future friendship  #iranelection @UN

7- Iranian people can't win against IR's war machine without International help @eu_eeas @StateDept Your help in needed!  #iranelection @UN

8- Mousavi and Karubi are only 2 of thousands in IR dungeons @eu_eeas @StateDept Defend HR for all prisoners of conscience #iranelection @UN

9- @eu_eeas @StateDept No more negotiations with Fascist IR, it is time to take REAL action to help us rid #Iran of IR #iranelection @UN

10- @eu_eeas @StateDept Must let IR know that their crimes will no go unpunished, stand up against HR violators #iranelection @UN

11- IR will kill all poli prisoners @eu_eeas @StateDept stop another blood bath bring IR to HR Crimes court NOW #iranelection @UN

12- @eu_eeas @StateDept PLS do all you can to bring IR to HR crimes court even if China and Russia stand with fascist #iranelection @UN

13- @eu_eeas @StateDept Must not allow IR to kill yet another generation of Poli prisoners, bring IR to HRC Court #iranelection @UN

14- @eu_eeas @StateDept Unrest in #Iran will never end until ppl have HR and secular democracy. Nothing less will do #iranelection @UN

15- @eu_eeas @StateDept PPL of Iran stand united against barbarism of IR. Stand with us, bring IR to HR Crimes court  #iranelection @UN

16- @eu_eeas @StateDept The time of tyrants has passed. No more puppet gov.  Nothing less than secular democracy will do #iranelection @UN

17- @eu_eeas @StateDept Replaced Shah with Khomaini, now you must stand with us to bring back the rule of law to our land #iranelection @UN

18- @eu_eeas @StateDept PPL of #Iran know that the 79 revolution was stolen from us. Its time now to stand with ppl of Iran #iranelection @UN

19- @eu_eeas @StateDept for 100 years west has stood by #Iran tyrants. will you stand with us now? will you support HR for ALL? #iranelection

20- @eu_eeas @StateDept we DO NOT JUST CALL FOR freedom for Mousavi and Karubi, all prisoners of conscience MUST BE FREED!! #iranelection