Friday, October 29, 2010

Tweet Storm: Woman's Rights in IR/IR's Cruel Punishments Violate Human Rights/Heshmat Tabarzady vs IR

Stats for this week's Tweet Storm
Hits on @HouseForeignAff (US Foreign Affairs Committee ) = 382 Tweets
Hits on @StateDept (US State Department) = 416 Tweets

Hits on @eu_eeas (EU External Action)   = 447 Tweets 


Date: Wednesday 11/03/2010
Time: California (PST) 2:00pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00 pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 10:00 pm, UK (BST) 9:00 pm 


IR Violates Women's rights 
1.                     IR enforcing marriage age of 9 yrs for girls.@StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff help protect our children #iranelection #ts
2.                     IR's harassment & burka uniforms 2subdue college girls @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff SUPPORT #Iran women #iranelection #ts 
3.                     IR "Family" law encourages polygamy @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff MUST support Brave women of Iran  #iranelection #ts 
4.                     IR temp. marriage law aimed to crush women @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff MUST stand for woman's rights  #iranelection #ts
5.                     Women of #Iran have earned freedom with their blood @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff  Do not abandon us #iranelection #ts
6.                     IR's temp. marriage law+ lower marriage age to 9= Child prostitution @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff  Bring #iranelection #ts 
7.                     IR legaliseschild prostitution @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff IR must be tried in Int. Courts #iranelection #ts 
8.                     @StateDept @eu_eeas Thank you for IR recent sanctions .Time to take IR to Int. Criminal Court @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff  #iranelection #ts
9.                     @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAff   You have the power to stop IR savageries in Int. Criminal court. ACT NOW #iranelection #ts
10.                 @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff IR will NEVER obey IAEA agreements, do not trade #HumanRights for Nukes @UNIFEM #iranelection #ts
11.                 #iranelection female prisoners R in the hands of IR sexual sadists @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM Will you  SUPPORT them? #iranelection #ts
12.                 Female #iranelection prisoners subject 2 lice,hepatitis & RAPE @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff @UNIFEM SEEK justice for them #ts
13.                 @UNIFEM Brave women are fighting against IR's sexual slavery @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff Do not ignore heroes of #iranelection #ts
14.                 @UNIFEM sexual slavery,child prostitution legalized by IR @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff What of our #HumanRights?#iranelection #ts
15.                 @UNIFEM IR seeks to deny education to women #iranelection @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff Demand Justice 4 #Iran's heroic women #ts
16.                 @UNIFEM Child prostitution is legal in IRI @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff TAKE a STAND against child exploitation #iranelections #ts
17.                 @UNIFEM  @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff MUST Bring IR to trial for Child abuse,child labor &sexual slavery  #iranelections #ts

  IR's cruel and degrading punishments violates HR

18.                 @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM @HouseForeignAf IR's barbaric laws Stoning, flogging, cutting limbs violate human rights #iranelection #ts  

19.      IR cutting off hands of petty criminals without trial/representation @StateDept @eu_eeas help us  bring IR to Intl court #iranelection #ts
20.              23 executed without trial in Mashhad yesterday @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff  MUST bring IR criminals to justice #iranelection #ts
21.              #iranelection Prisoners face torture& inhumane conditions @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff Bring their case 2 Int. Criminal Court #ts
22.              #iranelection Prisoners face cruel and unusual punishments@StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff Bring their case 2 Int. Criminal Court #ts
23.              IR responses to peaceful protest with bullets, rape & torture @StateDept @eu_eeas @UNIFEM Bring IR to Int. Criminal Court #iranelection #ts
24.              Prisoners of conscience R in wards 4 hardened criminals @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff They call on you for justice#iranelection #ts
25.              @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff  your non-response to IR's crimes against humanity  will be remembered in History  #Iranelection  #ts
26.              @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff @UNIFEM #Iran WILL be free & the world will remember your inaction. Defend #Iranelection Prisoners  #ts
27.              @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff #Iranelection Prisoners call for Int. Criminal Court hear their case vs IR. Will you respond? #ts
28.              IR denies bathroom visits to #iranelection prisoners @StateDept  @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff Break your silence on prisoners right #ts

  Heshmat Tabrzady vs IR in International Criminal Courts
29.              @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff IR responds to Tabarzady's letter with lashes and exile. Demand justice 4 #iranelection prisoners #ts
30.              #iranelection prisoners request Justice from Int. criminal courts. @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff  MUST stand for Justice  #ts
31.              #iranelection Expect Justice from Int. criminal court @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff help us get justice for #Iran #ts
32.              #iranelection prisoners resist IR's fascism from inside IR dungeons @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff STAND for Justice  #ts
33.              @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff  PPL of #Iran R asking you save the lives of our young #Iranelection Prisoners.WILL you ignore us? #ts
34.              @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff #Iranelection YOU can to bring IR to Int. Criminal court for Human rights violations. ACT NOW #ts
35.              @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff History will not forgive silence against IR Human Rights abuses matter the excuse #Iranelection #ts
36.              @UNIFEM @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff How can you allow #Iranelection prisoners call for justice be answered by torture?  #ts
37.              #iranelections prisoners subjct 2 cruel & degrading punishments ask for your help @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff Will you respond?#ts
38.              #iranelections prisoners are on hunger strike @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff Will you stand for justice or fascism? #ts
39.              #iranelections prisoners in danger of torture& execution@StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff MUST hold IR responsible for their safety #ts
40.              @StateDept @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff Tbarzady wants his case vs IR be heard in Int.Criminal court. WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?#iranelection  #ts
41.              @StateDept  @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff TAKE a stand against IR & be part of our future; be silent & be judged by history #iranelection #ts
42. @StateDept  @eu_eeas @HouseForeignAff TAKE pls help save Zeinab Jalalian,27 female #iranelection prisoner in imminent danger of exection #ts

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tweet Storm yielding results, please join us.

Tweet Storm yielding results, please join us.

Friends, we are getting results from Tweet Storm.

Last week we had a tweet storm asking EU to increase the sanctions and include Sepah and IR leaders like State Department did. The same day we received a tweet from one of EU law makers in response to tweet storm, telling us that she is proposing the same thing the next day to the EU foreign law makers body. IT WORKED. Yesterday we got news of increased sanctions, blocked Spah assets in EY banks and put restrictions on their travel.

Three weeks ago, Clinton's assistant was re-tweeting our tweets and sending them on. A week after that State Department put 8 IR leaders on Human Rights violators list and froze their assets.

Our first tweet storm was asking for Shiva Nazar Ahary's release and the next day she was released on bail.

SOME BODY IS LISTENING TO US. Please join us and help protect the lives of Iran's future leaders.

Next week we are following up on Heshmat Tabarzady's request to have his case against Khamenii taken up by International courts. Please join us to send 2000 tweets for the event.
If you do not know how to use twitter we will help you. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS HOW TO CUT AND PASTE!!


توییت ستورم نتیجه میدهد . کمک کنید

توییت ستورم نتیجه میدهد . کمک کنید

ما تا به حال سابقه خوبی برای کار توییت ستورم داشتیم

هفته پیش یک قانون گزار اروپا  در جواب توییت ستورم ما برای حقوق بشر به ما توییت زد که لایحه به شورای قانون گذاران اروپا میده .  این هفته لایحه تصویب شد ودیروز  اروپا تحریم  ها را عمیق کرد، پول های سپاه را توقیف کرد و برایشان محدودیت سفر گذاشت .
سه هفته پیش بعد از اینکه همکار کلینتون  کرولی توییت های ما را دنبال میکرد وبه دیگران  میفرستد. دو روز بعد امریکا ۸ نفر از دولت را تحت تعقیب قرار میدهد . دوستان بیایید کمک کنید جان جوانان ایران را نجات بدهیم. لطفا در توییت ستورم ما شرکت کنید. اگر بلد نیستید میتوانیم کمک کنیم یاد بگیرید. هفته ای یک ساعت بیشتر وقت نمیگیرد . .

بچه ها یک توییت ستورم میخواهیم راه بیاندازیم برای حمایت از طبرزدی و کیفر خواست بر عالیه خامنه ای در دادگاه های بین المللی . هفته دیگه چهار شنبه .  بیاید کمک کنید ۲۰۰۰ تا توییت بفرستیم

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Times and List of Demand Medical Care for Prisoners/Send a Mesage to/about Companies doing business with IR

Time: California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm
Date: Wednesday 10/27/10

  • List of the tweet for Tweet Storm

1.    #IranElection prisoners in wards with dangerous criminals @eu_eeas @statedept Must insist on their safety while in prison @Federation #ts 

2.    Peyman Khanjri killed in prison by criminals this is how IR gets rid of activists @eu_eeas @statedept MUST ACT #IranElection @Federation #ts

3.    #IranElection @hrw @eu_eeas @Federation @UN MUST demand IR give medical care to prisoners of conscience #ts

4.    Mansour Ossanloo tortured for months& needs URGENT medical care @eu_eeas @statedept MUST hold IR responsible #IranElection@Federation #ts

5.    Kabodvand has heart disease, has been tortured @eu_eeas @statedept Demand Urgent Medical care for him. #IranElection @Federation  #ts

6.    Afshin Baimani savagely tortured @eu_eeas @statedept MUST Demand Urgent Medical care to save his life #IranElection @Federation #ts

7.    Torture, hunger strike left Koohyar Goudarzi in need of urgent care @eu_eeas @statedept Help save his life #IranElection @Federation #ts

8.    Torture & hunger strike left Majid Dorri in need of urgent care @eu_eeas @statedept MUST Help save his life #IranElection @Federation #ts

9.    Lice & Hepatitis outbreak in woman's ward @eu_eeas @statedept HOLD Iran responsible for their safety #IranElection @Federation #ts

10.    Amir-Hossein Kazemi needs surgery; all he gets is aspirin @eu_eeas @statedept HOLD IR responsible for safety of prisoners @Federation  #ts

11.    Hashem Khastar losing his sight due 2 diabetes@eu_eeas @statedept HOLD IR responsible 4 safety of #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

12.    Nasrin Sotoudeh on hunger strike for 3 weeks @eu_eeas @statedept HOLD IR responsible for safety of #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

13.    Saeed Matinpour has heart disease & no medical care @eu_eeas @statedept MUST HOLD IR responsible for safety of prisoners @Federation #ts

14.    Abolfazl Abedini Nasr viciously tortured  & needs medical care @eu_eeas @statedept MUST interfere to save his life @Federation #ts

15.    Issa Saharkhiz  has been severely beaten in Prison in IR & needs care@eu_eeas @statedept MUST interfere to save his life @Federation #ts

16.    Ali Saremi 67 #IranElection prisoner on death row beaten severely @eu_eeas @statedept MUST interfere to save his life @Federation  #ts

17.    Majid Tavakoli ill from beatings & hunger strike @eu_eeas @statedept MUST Help  save #IranElection prisoners lives @Federation #ts

18.    Hengameh Shahidi needs surgery @eu_eeas @statedept MUST HOLD IR responsible for safety of  #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

19.    Behrouz Javid Tehrani  beaten severely  @eu_eeas @statedept MUST HOLD IR responsible for safety of #IranElection prisoners@Federation #ts

20.    @eu_eeas @statedept IR will kill Kabodvand under torture if you do not interfere. Defend #IranElection prisoners’ rights @Federation #ts

21. Saeed Malekpour’s life is in danger; needs Urgent care @eu_eeas @statedept Stand up for #IranElection prisoners’ rights @Federation #ts

22.    Masoud Lavasani needs Urgent medical care @eu_eeas @statedept Must stand and defend the lives of  #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

23.    Ayat. Borojerdy has a detached retina and needs Urgent Care @eu_eeas @statedept Defend lives of #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

24.    Sami Hosseini tortured savagely & denied medical care @eu_eeas @statedept Must defend the lives of  #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

25.    Ahmad Zeidabadi in need of medical Care @eu_eeas @statedept MUST demand IR provide medical care for #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

26.    Majid Dorri tortured and weak from hunger strike Care@eu_eeas @statedept MUST defend #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

27.    #IranElection #Amnesty @hrw @eu_eeas @Federation @UN demand IR give medical care urgently to Mohammad Oliyaifar #ts

28.    #IranElection #Amnesty @hrw @eu_eeas @Federation @UN demand IR give medical care urgently to Mohammad Reza Pourshajari #ts

29.    #IranElection #Amnesty @hrw @eu_eeas @Federation @UN demand IR give medical care urgently to Rozita Vasseghi #ts

30.    #IranElection #Amnesty @hrw @eu_eeas @Federation @UN demand IR give medical care urgently to Mehdi Fatahbakhsh #ts

31.    #IranElection @hrw @eu_eeas @Federation @UN MUST demand IR give medical care to prisoners of conscience #ts

32.    IR Regime must allow #Amnesty @Federation @UN to inspect condition of #IranElection prisoners @hrw @eu_eeas #ts

33.    IR kills #iranection prisoners by withholding medical care @eu_eeas @statedept MUST hold IR responsible #IranElection @Federation #ts

34.    #IranElection prisoners receive no medical care @eu_eeas @statedept MUST hold  IR responsible for their safety @Federation #ts

35.    .@eu_eeas @statedept  @Federation Show your outrage, demand medical care for political prisoners #IranElection #ts

36.    @eu_eeas @statedept MUST Tie Sanctions to IR human rights violations to save the lives of #IranElection prisoners @Federation #ts

37.    #IranElection prisoners are much loved by ppl of #Iran @eu_eeas @statedept Our ppl will be grateful for your help @Federation #ts

38.    Shabnam Madad Zadeh and her brother Farzad two young #IranElection prisoners in need of Med Care @eu_eeas @statedept @Federation #ts

39.    Shabnam Madad Zadeh young girl being abused in prison without visitation rights @eu_eeas @statedept MUST STOP IR savagery @Federation #ts

  • Extra Credit

40.    Companies doing business w/Iran, R tacitly saying arrests, torture, executions R OK. Really? @eu_eeas @statedept #IranElection #ts

41.    @eu_eeas @statedept  Must NOT award lucrative government contracts to companies breaking sanctions. #IranElection #ts

42.    @eu_eeas Must support ppl of #Iran now if to have a place in our future. Support @statedept Sanctions #IranElection #ts

43.    Many EU and US companies still doing business with IR. @eu_eeas @statedept Must be serious about enforcing sanctions #IranElection #ts

44.    @eu_eeas @statedept companies undermining sanctions by going through third party. We see that, why don't you? #IranElection #ts

45.    Doing business with Iranian Regime means ACCEPTING their torture and abuse of prisoners @eu_eeas @statedept #IranElection #ts

•    Top Tweet of the week
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Tweet Storm Times and List: Protest Treatment of Iran's Children by IR/Nasrin Stodeh, Majid Darri

Date: Wednesday 10/20/10

Time: California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

Thanks to John, Lissnup, djirdjirak and Yasthetwitt for helping us write tweets this week!!
  1. Children’s Rights ARE #HumanRights! Kids in Iran need SUPPORT @eu_relex @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  2. Why is the world quiet about the child abuses by IRI? #HumanRights ARE Children’s Rights @eu_relex @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  3. IRI forces girls to marry at age 9. Iranian children need the World to speak up. @eu_relex @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  4. IRI uses children as a cheap labor force. We DEMAND @eu_relex FREEZE IR leader's assets in banks @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  5. Why does the West ignore child labor in #Iran? Where are THEIR human rights? @eu_relex @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  6. Why is the World quiet about rampant pedophilia in IR? Where are Children's rights? @eu_relex @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  7. Child laborers in IRI suffer abuse-Why is the world quiet about this? @eu_relex @UNICEF @statedept #iranelection #ts
  8. IR takes no responsibility 4 child laborers. Will the West stand for their rights? @eu_relex @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  9. Child laborers under IRI have no rights. @eu_relex MUST adopt HR sanctions against IR @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  10. @eu_relex MUST choose #HumanRights for children OVER cheap oil from IR. Stand with @statedept sanctions!! @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  11. IRI leaders use EU banks to hide their blood-money. @eu_relex Support @statedept #HumanRights sanctions #iranelection #ts
  12. EU MUST support and expand @statedept #HumanRights sanctions!! @eu_relex @hrw #Amnesty #iranelection #ts
  13. Lack of concern 4 rights of Children under IRI is astounding! @eu_relex SUPPORT @statedept sanctions on IR!! @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  14. EU pays lip service to #HumanRights while @statedept ACTS! @eu_relex impose human rights sanctions on IR NOW!! #iranelection #ts
  15. @eu_relex #Iran will NOT forgive your double-standards with IR. MUST Support @statedept #HumanRights sanctions #iranelection #ts
  16. 20 yrs ago IRI used boys to clear mines-now kids work in mines-Where’s the outrage? @eu_relex @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  17. Seeking children’s rights is a CRIME in IRI! The world MUST Step in to save our kids @statedept @eu_relex @UNICEF iranelection #ts
  18. IRI hands harsh sentences to child rights activist while World negotiates with IRI. SHAME! @statedept @eu_relex iranelection #ts
  19. @eu_relex & @statedept MUST Insist IR honor commitments under Convention on Rights of Children @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  20. @eu_relex & @statedept MUST oppose IRI law to marry girls at 9 to protect rights of children @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  21. @eu_relex @statedept must investigate IRI child abuse @UNICEF @hrw #Amnesty #iranelection #ts
  22. IR treats children as property of men @eu_relex @statedept must demand rights 4 Children @hrw @UNICEF #Amnesty #iranelection #ts
  23. IRI must be excluded from world labor forums until child labor eradicated @eu_relex @statedept @hrw @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
  24. IR membershp in Rights Orgs is an insult to ppl of #Iran Suspend IR’s membership @eu_relex @statedept #iranelection #ts
  25. Iranians support sanctions against IRI for HR violations @eu_relex MUST support @statedept @hrw #Amnesty #iranelection #ts
  26. @eu_relex MUST tie sanctions to human/children's rights in Iran as well as Nuclear issues @statedept @UNICEF#iranelection #ts
  27. @UN Need we remind U? Yr mandate is to ensure #HumanRights compliance, even in Iran! @statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts
  28. ALL Iranians are behind sanctions of IR #HumanRights abuse @eu_relex MUST support @statedept @hrw #Amnesty #iranelection #ts
  29. Thank You @UNICEF for your important work protecting abused children in Iran #IranElection #ts
Extra Credit :Nasrin Sotoudeh, Majid Dorri
  1. Why be silent as students are jailed for peaceful activism? Demand freedom 4 Majid Dorri @eu_relex @statedept #iranelection #ts
  2. Majid Dorri-fm prison-has the guts 2 speak & pays a high price-We must condemn IRI @hrw @eu_relex @statedept #iranelection #ts
32.  Prisoners need lawyers. What if the lawyer is jailed? Speak UP about #HumanRights in IR @eu_relex @statedept #iranelection #ts
  1. IR is torturing prisoners of conscience, denying basic #HumanRights -Do NOT remain silent @eu_relex @statedept #iranelection #ts
  2. Please raise your voice for Nasrin Sotoudeh, she is on hunger strike & needs URGENT HELP @eu_relex @statedept #iranelection #ts
  3. @eu_relex @statedept MUST Demand the immediate release of #HumanRights lawyer Nasrin Sotodeh, tortured by IR #iranelection #ts
  4. Suspend IR membershp in Rights Orgs til Nasrin Sotodeh & ALL political prisoners are free @eu_relex @statedept #iranelection #ts
  5. @eu_relex @statedept Stop the insanity in Iran-demand accountability-lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh is being tortured! #iranelection #ts

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Please read this entire page before asking questions :)

General Information:

  • The tweet storm team will write the first few tweets that will give a general information about the situation
  • All tweets written by volunteers must include demands and not try to give information.
  • Demands are NOT asking for resolutions or condemnations or even UN resolutions.
  • Demands must have measurable impact on IR such as demand for economic sanctions, demand for protecting a prisoner, demand to tie economic sanctions to human rights violations or demand to State Department to expand the list of IR criminals or the most recent demand by US and EU lawyers to restrict travel for IR personnel.
  • Tweets can not include any links
  • All tweets must include the targets
  • All tweets must be delivered by Tuesday AM US time. From next week call for tweets will go out on Fridays.
  • Do not be upset if your tweet is not selected :))
  • Each week will have  
    • One main topic, usually about 30+ tweets
    • Up to three extra credit tweet , about 4 for each
  • Best tweet for main category will be selected as the top tweet of the week. We will ask people to tweet and re-tweet this tweet all week.
  • I acknowledge all people who participated by posting their tweeter name in the blog post and FB page. If you DO NOT want your name mentioned you must let me know in advance.

Tweet Storm Topic week 10/20/10 Tweet Storm ONLY. Topics, targets and demands change for each week.
  • Tweet Storm topic  Protest Denial of rights to Iran' Children by IR
  • Targets : @UNICEF @eu_relex @statedept #iranelectio #ts
  • Extra credit : Nasrin Stodeh, Majid Dari
  • Targets for extra credit : @eu_relex @statedept #iranelectio #ts
  • Demands for main storm
    • Demand for Human rights
    • demand for Children's rights
    • Demand to tie sanctions to IR human rights violations
    • Demand EU (eu_relex) to adopt State Department’s sanction on Human Rights abuser in IR
    • Demand for travel restrictions on IR leaders
  • Demands for extra credit
    • Demand for Nasrin Stodeh’s immediate and unconditional release
    • Demand for Majod Dari’s immediate and unconditional release
    • Demand for all prisoners of conscience to be released

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tweet Storm Agaist Death Penalty in Iran

Date and Time: Wednsday October 13, 2010
California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm
In honor of the request by Majid Tavakli we are dedicating this week's tweet storm to protest against the nonstop Executions in IR.
IR has been executing 3000 people a year for past 31 years.

Special thanks to Tweet Stormers who contributed to this week's tweets: GreenIran4ever  and Yasthetwit 


Please follow @shadien , @shadie, @lissnup

Targets for this week: : @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts
1.      140 ppl under 18 on death-row in #Iran according 2 #Amnesty Intern. TAKE ACTION 2 STOP executions @UN @eu_relex #IranElection #CNN

2.      >190 ppl hanged in #Iran since 2010! International SANCTIONS AGAINST #HUMANRIGHTS ABUSES in Iran @UN @er_relex @Statedept #IranElection 

3.      32 female political prisoners in Evin-prison on death-row!!! TAKE ACTION against #humanrights abuses in #Iran @UN @eu_relex @Statedept

4.      So far this year IR has executed 190 ppl, 141 youth on death row. Help us STOP this savage regime @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

5.      Zeinab Jalalian, Samy hossayny, Hiwa Butimar are a few on death row. We need your HELP to stop IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

6.      20 yrs ago IR went on a killing spree and executed 7000 ppl. DO NOT LET IR DO IT AGAIN @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

7.      IR executed one entire generation of freedom lovers 20 yrs ago. DO NOT LET it HAPPEN AGAIN @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

8.      PPL of Iran  look to world to take ACTION against IR Executions NOW. The eyes of the world are on @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

9.      27 Kurdis prisoners on death row. Some are on hunger strike, World must take ACTION to save them @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

10.  IR has taken on murdering anyone who speaksfor Kurdish HR. 27 on death row Need YOUR support @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

11.  32 Women in the Evin Prison  Awaiting Execution. The world MUST stop IR's lust for killing women @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

12.  IR LOVES to kill women trying to scare women into submission. Shut up or die is the message @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

13.  IR tries to create fear by executing any one who speaks up for human rights. STOP  the bloodshed @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

14.  Golparypour, Khazry, Kazmy and hudreds more on death row in IR.STOP IR's death train@statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

15.  Two priests on death row for being Christians . Why are world Christians silent on this? @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

16.  9 ppl under stoning sentence by IR. When will the world STOP IR's savagery against ppl of #Iran? @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

17.  Political prisoners fighting even from inside IR's torture chambers. DO NOT LET IR KILL ANY MORE @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

18.  hundreds waiting for DEATH in IR's prisons 4 voting,speaking in public. defend their #humanrights @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

19.  Silance when IR kills at will is condoning their actions. @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

20.  Iranians are taking a stand even from inside IR's prisons. @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

21.  Iran activists on death row. Defend their #humanrights . @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

22.  where are all the Christian activists when priests in Iran are on death row? Where is @UN? @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

23.  IR prisons are full of #Irans 's best and the bravest. DO NOT allow IR to start killing again @UN & @eu_relex @Statedept  #iranelection #ts

24.  Help us stop IR killing prisoners of concsience@UN & @eu_relex must adopt @Statedept 's sanctions on IR criminals #iranelection #ts

25.  IR kills men, women, children even horses in Kurdistan. Do not close your eyes on ANOTHER genocide @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

26.  Jafar Kazemi, political prisoner on death-row!! Urgent case, TAKE ACTION @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #IranElection #Iran #TS

27.  Father of Hamed Rouhi-nejad, pol.prisoner:My son is on death-row! He's got MS! FREE HIM @UN @eu_relex @Statedept #IranElection #Iran

28.  The story of political prisoners in Iran: the inhumanity of being executed for your beliefs.
@statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

29.  An orgy of death awaits 100s of political prisoners in Iran @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

30.  Imagine: A prisoner committed suicide in Iran on the eve of his execution! @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

31.  Drug sentences R sometimes a pretext-they're actually executing political prisoners in Iran @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

32.  If U do nothing abt executions of political prisoners in Iran, we have 2 assume U condone them @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

33.  A. Ghanbari,  Jafar Kazemi,  M. Haj-Aghaie,  Are in imminante danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

34.  .Daneshpour Moghadam,his son M. Daneshpour Moghadam,  Are in imminent dangr of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

35.  Mohammad Ali Saremi, Zeinab Jalalian  Are in imminent danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

36.  Mohammad Reza Haddadi and Zeinba Jalalian   Are in imminent danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

37.  If @eu_relex, @UN want to be a part of #Iran ‘s future, show support for poli prisoners NOW!! @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

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38.  #HumanRights based sanctions by @statedept keep #IranElection prisoners alive. @eu_relex MUST join US to prevent another massacre #TS
Extra Credit: Protest  The Genocide in Iran’s Kurdistan  
1.      Kurdish-Iranians R on death-row 4 being politcally active! TAKE ACTION against abuses in #Iran @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

2.      Do not close your eyes on holocaust in Kurdistan.STOP Pretending it is not happening  @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

3.      @UN once said NEVER AGAIN but now is silent in face of genocide in Kurdistan.  @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

4.      Being Kurdish is an automatic death sentence in #Iran. Help stop the Kurdish genocide of IR @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts