Monday, October 11, 2010

Tweet Storm Agaist Death Penalty in Iran

Date and Time: Wednsday October 13, 2010
California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm
In honor of the request by Majid Tavakli we are dedicating this week's tweet storm to protest against the nonstop Executions in IR.
IR has been executing 3000 people a year for past 31 years.

Special thanks to Tweet Stormers who contributed to this week's tweets: GreenIran4ever  and Yasthetwit 


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Targets for this week: : @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts
1.      140 ppl under 18 on death-row in #Iran according 2 #Amnesty Intern. TAKE ACTION 2 STOP executions @UN @eu_relex #IranElection #CNN

2.      >190 ppl hanged in #Iran since 2010! International SANCTIONS AGAINST #HUMANRIGHTS ABUSES in Iran @UN @er_relex @Statedept #IranElection 

3.      32 female political prisoners in Evin-prison on death-row!!! TAKE ACTION against #humanrights abuses in #Iran @UN @eu_relex @Statedept

4.      So far this year IR has executed 190 ppl, 141 youth on death row. Help us STOP this savage regime @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

5.      Zeinab Jalalian, Samy hossayny, Hiwa Butimar are a few on death row. We need your HELP to stop IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

6.      20 yrs ago IR went on a killing spree and executed 7000 ppl. DO NOT LET IR DO IT AGAIN @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

7.      IR executed one entire generation of freedom lovers 20 yrs ago. DO NOT LET it HAPPEN AGAIN @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

8.      PPL of Iran  look to world to take ACTION against IR Executions NOW. The eyes of the world are on @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

9.      27 Kurdis prisoners on death row. Some are on hunger strike, World must take ACTION to save them @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

10.  IR has taken on murdering anyone who speaksfor Kurdish HR. 27 on death row Need YOUR support @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

11.  32 Women in the Evin Prison  Awaiting Execution. The world MUST stop IR's lust for killing women @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

12.  IR LOVES to kill women trying to scare women into submission. Shut up or die is the message @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

13.  IR tries to create fear by executing any one who speaks up for human rights. STOP  the bloodshed @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

14.  Golparypour, Khazry, Kazmy and hudreds more on death row in IR.STOP IR's death train@statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

15.  Two priests on death row for being Christians . Why are world Christians silent on this? @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

16.  9 ppl under stoning sentence by IR. When will the world STOP IR's savagery against ppl of #Iran? @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

17.  Political prisoners fighting even from inside IR's torture chambers. DO NOT LET IR KILL ANY MORE @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

18.  hundreds waiting for DEATH in IR's prisons 4 voting,speaking in public. defend their #humanrights @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

19.  Silance when IR kills at will is condoning their actions. @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

20.  Iranians are taking a stand even from inside IR's prisons. @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

21.  Iran activists on death row. Defend their #humanrights . @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

22.  where are all the Christian activists when priests in Iran are on death row? Where is @UN? @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

23.  IR prisons are full of #Irans 's best and the bravest. DO NOT allow IR to start killing again @UN & @eu_relex @Statedept  #iranelection #ts

24.  Help us stop IR killing prisoners of concsience@UN & @eu_relex must adopt @Statedept 's sanctions on IR criminals #iranelection #ts

25.  IR kills men, women, children even horses in Kurdistan. Do not close your eyes on ANOTHER genocide @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

26.  Jafar Kazemi, political prisoner on death-row!! Urgent case, TAKE ACTION @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #IranElection #Iran #TS

27.  Father of Hamed Rouhi-nejad, pol.prisoner:My son is on death-row! He's got MS! FREE HIM @UN @eu_relex @Statedept #IranElection #Iran

28.  The story of political prisoners in Iran: the inhumanity of being executed for your beliefs.
@statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

29.  An orgy of death awaits 100s of political prisoners in Iran @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

30.  Imagine: A prisoner committed suicide in Iran on the eve of his execution! @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

31.  Drug sentences R sometimes a pretext-they're actually executing political prisoners in Iran @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

32.  If U do nothing abt executions of political prisoners in Iran, we have 2 assume U condone them @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

33.  A. Ghanbari,  Jafar Kazemi,  M. Haj-Aghaie,  Are in imminante danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

34.  .Daneshpour Moghadam,his son M. Daneshpour Moghadam,  Are in imminent dangr of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

35.  Mohammad Ali Saremi, Zeinab Jalalian  Are in imminent danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

36.  Mohammad Reza Haddadi and Zeinba Jalalian   Are in imminent danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

37.  If @eu_relex, @UN want to be a part of #Iran ‘s future, show support for poli prisoners NOW!! @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

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38.  #HumanRights based sanctions by @statedept keep #IranElection prisoners alive. @eu_relex MUST join US to prevent another massacre #TS
Extra Credit: Protest  The Genocide in Iran’s Kurdistan  
1.      Kurdish-Iranians R on death-row 4 being politcally active! TAKE ACTION against abuses in #Iran @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

2.      Do not close your eyes on holocaust in Kurdistan.STOP Pretending it is not happening  @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

3.      @UN once said NEVER AGAIN but now is silent in face of genocide in Kurdistan.  @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

4.      Being Kurdish is an automatic death sentence in #Iran. Help stop the Kurdish genocide of IR @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts