Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tweet Storm topic Protest Treatment of Iran's Children by IR/ Executions, prisoners abuse


Time California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

Date: Thursday  12/02/10

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Tweet Storm Topic: Protest Treatment of  Iran's Children by IR

    1.    Children’s Rights ARE #HumanRights! Kids in Iran need SUPPORT @eu_eeas @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    2.    Why is the world quiet about the child abuses by IRI? #HumanRights ARE Children’s Rights @eu_eeas @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    3.    IR reduced age of consent to 9. @eu_eeas @statedept @UN Show  your outrage with ACTION not WORDS #iranelection #ts
    4.    IRI uses children as a cheap labor force. We DEMAND @statedept  @eu_eeas Bring IR to HR crimes Courts @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    5.    Why does the West ignore the plight of child labor in #Iran? Where are THEIR human rights? @eu_eeas @statedept @UN #iranelection #ts
    6.    Why are @eu_eeas @statedept silent about IR sanctioned pedophilia when they can take ACTION to stop HR crimes by IR?@UN #iranelection #ts
    7.    Child laborers in IR owned factories suffer abuse @eu_eeas @statedept Start HR violation tribunal against IR @UNICEF  #iranelection #ts
    8.    IR takes no responsibility 4 child laborers. Will the West stand for their rights? @eu_eeas @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    9.    IR savagely punishes Child laborers advocates @eu_eeas @statedept MUST enact HR crimes tribunal for IR @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    10.  The world is united against child abused by IR @eu_eeas @statedept MUST join the rest of Humanity to protect children @UN #iranelection #ts
    11.  @eu_eeas @statedept @UN MUST NOT BARGAIN with children rights in negotiations with IR . TO DO SO WILL BE UNFORGIVABLE #iranelection #ts
    12.  @eu_eeas @statedept @UN IR WILL NOT honor any NUC agreements. Do not sell out OUR Children rights for false promises #iranelection #ts
    13.  @eu_eeas @statedept @UN MUST expand HR sanctions against IR to include violations of children #HumanRights  #iranelection #ts
    14.  Lack of concern 4 rights of Children under IRI is astounding! @eu_eeas @statedept enact HR crimes tribunal for IR @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    15.  @eu_eeas  @statedept  @UN We do NOT CARE for lip service to Children HR .Start HR Crimes investigations against IR NOW!! #iranelection #ts
    16.  @eu_eeas @statedept NO MORE double-standards about Children HR. ACT now to preserve  HR for #Iran 's future generations #iranelection #ts
    17.  20 yrs ago IRI used boys to clear mines-now kids work in mines. @eu_eeas @statedept @UN Where’s YOUR outrage? #iranelection #
    18.  Seeking children’s rights is a CRIME in IRI! The world MUST Step in to save our kids @statedept @eu_eeas @UNICEF iranelection #ts
    19.  IR hands harsh sentences to child rights activist while @statedept @eu_eeas negotiates with IR. SHAME!  #iranelection #ts
    20.  @statedept @eu_eeas for a century west has helped crush our freedom. Will you compound past mistakes by protecting IR?  #iranelection #ts
    21.  @eu_eeas@statedept MUST HOLD IR responsible for commitments under Convention on Rights of Children @UN ACT NOW!!  #iranelection #ts
    22.  IR savagely punished HR activists @eu_eeas @statedept Your silence speaks volumes about your REAL commitment to HR #iranelection #ts
    23.  PPL of #Iran reach our to civilized world to bring IR to justice@eu_eeas @statedept  @UN Will you continue to ignore us? #iranelection #ts
    24.  @statedept @eu_eeas  MUST HELP @UN enforce HR compliance, even in Iran! ACT NOW to defend justice instead of profits #iranelection #ts
    25.  ALL Iranians are behind sanctions of IR for HR abuse @eu_eeas  @statedept Expand the list of 8 to include ALL IR criminals #iranelection #ts
    26.  Thank You @UNICEF for your important work protecting abused children in Iran #IranElection #ts
    27.  @eu_eeas @statedept YOU must hold IR responsible for HR of #Iran children. Don't trade their lives for YOUR gains @UNICEF  #iranelection #ts
    28.  IR has sanctions child soldiers, child laborers and legalized pedophilia. @eu_eeas @statedept WHY are you silent? #iranelection #ts
    29.  IR's savage practice of child imprisonment  and executions MUST STOP @eu_eeas @statedept Enact HR Crimes tribunal NOW!!. #iranelection #ts
    30.  Rape, murder & hard labor, daily realities for #Iran children @eu_eeas @statedept history will judge your response to IR! #iranelection #ts
    Extra Credit: Executions, prisoners abuse

    31.  @UN @StateDept @eu_aaes Any negotiation with IR that doesn't center on HR violations is a ANOTHER VIOLATION of  our PPl’s HR #IranElection
    32.  @UN @StateDept @eu_aaes  #Iran will be FREE and we will remember your efforts to help us. The history will be our witness #IranElection
    33.  #Iranelection prisoners under torture and threat of execution. @UN @StateDept @eu_aaes Enact HR Crimes tribunal for IR NOW #ts
    34.  @eu_eeas @statedept Negotiations MUST aim to STOP HR abuses by IR. ANy thing else is another violation of our HR #iranelection #ts
    35.  @eu_eeas @statedept  IR kills with impunity while you play politics.  Empower HR crimes tribunal for IR!!#iranelection #ts
    36.  @eu_eeas what will happen after you bargained our Human Rights for NUC agreement and IR cheats AGAIN? @statedept #iranelection #ts
    37.  @eu_eeas Willing to negotiate with IR's fascist state? Is Catherine Ashton to be the modern day Chamberlain? @statedept #iranelection #ts


    Friday, November 19, 2010

    Tweet Storm: Iran's Woman's movement/ Prisoner Abuse, illegal executions

    Date: Wednesday  November 24, 2010 

    Time: California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm , East Coast USA (EST)

    5:00-5:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30 PM Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm                           
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    Woman's movement in Iran
    1. 1.    #iranelection women prisoners in ward with drug addicts ,no visits no time outdoors @statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST defend their rights #ts
      2.    Brave #iranelection women prisoners raped, tortured 4 standing up to IR @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal  #ts
      3.    #iranelection women face lice, hepatitis & torture in IR dungeons  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas MUST enact sanctions 4 HR violations  #ts
      4.    #iranelection women political prisoners illegally detained. @UN @statedept @eu_eeas You HAVE the power to provide them legal help #ts
      5.    @UN @statedept @eu_eeas DEMAND IR be brought to International court for abuse Human rights of #iranelection women prisoners  #ts
      6.    IR rapes, kills and tortures with impunity @UN @statedept @eu_eeas You can EMPOWER HR courts to bring IR to justice #iranelection  #ts
      7.    @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection Hengameh Shahidi needs sugary. your ACTIONS will be remembered by a grateful free Iran #ts
      8.    @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Will you look the other way while IR kills, rapes and tortures our heroines? Why? cheap oil? #iranelection  #ts
      9.    #iranelection women prisoners are cut off from the world @UN  @statedept @eu_eeas YOU have the POWER to provide legal help. ACT NOW #ts
      10.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection prisoners reach out to you for justice. How will story will judge your response? #ts
      11.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection Nazanin Khosravanyis  in Jail without visitation rights. How long will you ignore our HR?  #ts
      12.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection Shabnam Madadzadeh  in Jail without visitation rights. How long will you ignore our HR?  #ts
      13.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection Zeinab Jalalian tortured & on death row needs medical attention.How long will you ignore our HR? #ts
      14.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  Barrels of Oil for lives of  #iranelection prisoner. Are our lives so cheap? How about OUR HR? #ts
      15.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  Demand Justice #iranelection Prisoners. They will be  #Iran leaders of tomorrow! ACT NOW #ts
      16.  Thanks to @UN for condemning IR rights abuses. But more is needed. Bring IR before a Tribunal!  @statedept @eu_eeas #ts #iranelection
      17.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas We ask you to stand with us today and be a part of free Iran's future. What is your answer? #ts #iranelection
      18.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas YOU KNOW that IR will not honor the NUC agreements. DO not abandon HR for false promises #ts #iranelection
      19.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection female prisoners have earned the admiration of the world. Time for you to help them. ACT NOW! #ts
      20.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection prisoners stood against the savage IR with only the courage of their convictions. Where is yours? #ts
      21.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Our #iranelection heroines are raped and murdered while you wait. HOLD IR accountable for HR violations  #ts
      22.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeasYou have the power to bring IR to HR tribunal. PPL of Iran know this and expect this of you!! #iranelection  #ts
      23.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas You MUST not let IR kill with impunity. You are answerable 2 PPL of Iran and to all of HUMANITY!#iranelection  #ts
      24.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #Iran WILL be free. Your actions in support of #iranelection prisoners will be the basis for our common future #ts
      25.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas IR doen't allow Bahreh Hedayat husband visit her in prison. ACT now to help OUR  #Iranelection heroes #ts
      26.  #Iranelection heroes are deprived of most basic human rights.@UN @statedept @eu_eeas YOU HAVE the power to bring IR b4 HR tribunal. #ts
      27.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Stand with us in support of #Iranelection prisoners. Demand the same HR for us that YOU enjoy every day !! #ts
      28.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Many #Iranelection prisoners will suffer & die while you decide. Bring IR to HR tribunal for HR violations #ts
      29.  Zainab Jalalian facing execution surfers ongoing torture @UN @statedept @eu_eeas IR MUST be procecuted for HR violations #ts #iranelection
      30.  Shahla Jaahed latest victim of IR's blood lust and fake trials.@UN @statedept @eu_eeas What of her Human Rights? #ts #iranelection
      31.  Mohabat Mahmody sentenced to death for defending herself against a rapist  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas IR must be tried for HR violations  #ts
      32.  Nasrin Stodeh, lawyer in prison for defending her clients @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Stand for Justice. Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal  #ts
      Extra Credit: Prisoner Abuse, illegal executions
      33.  Hossein Khezri at great risk for execution. Your silence can and will kill!! @UN  @statedept @eu_eeas  Stand for JUSTICE #ts #iranelection
      34.  Habib Alah Golpry por in imminent danger of execution on false charges @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal  #ts
      35.  Mohamad Sadigh Kabodvand , HR activist tortured savagely. @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Stand for Justice. Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal  #ts
      36.  #Iranelection prisoners DEMAND fair trial @UN @statedept @eu_eeas MUST Support their just cause .BRING IR to trail for HR violations.#ts
      37.  #iranelection prisoners Arzhang Davoody  tortured 4 asking @UN 's help @statedept @eu_eeas HOLD IR accountable for HR violations  #ts
      38.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  #Iranelection Prisoners have asked you to bring IR to HR tribunal. Their lives are in YOUR hands. ACT NOW  #ts
      39.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  #Iranelection prisoners seek the help of fellow human beings. They are calling out to you. CAN YOU HEAR US? #ts
      40.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you poison us, do we not die? #Iranelection prisoners are human too. #ts

    Sunday, November 14, 2010

    Tweet Storm: Prisoners on IR Death Row/ IR's brutal Repression of workers

    Tweet Storm: Prisoners on IR Death Row/ IR's brutal Repression of workers


     Date: Thursday November 18, 2010 

    Time: California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm , East Coast USA (EST)

    5:00-5:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30 PM Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm                                
    PLEASE follow @shadien and @shadienn for more news and times. 

    Protest against IR’s Executions and prison brutality
      1. IR uses execution to remove opposition @statedept @eu_eeas Must tie sanctions to IR HR violations @UN  #iranelection #ts
      2. @statedept @eu_eeas While you decide policy IR is killing #iranelection prisoners. INCREASE HR based sanctions on IR @UN #ts
      3. @statedept @eu_eeas HR based sanctions SAVE LIVES of #iranelection prisoners INCREASE HR based sanctions on IR @UN  #ts
      4. @statedept @eu_eeas Easing sanctions will let IR start a #iranelection prisoner blood bath @UN INCREASE HR based sanctions on IR #ts
      5. @statedept @eu_eeas IR will NEVER honor any agreements on NUC issue don't trade #iranelection prisoner's lives for false promises @UN #ts
      6. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN DON’T bargain #iranelection prisoner's lives for political gains.our PPL will NOT forgive nor FORGET!  #ts
      7. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Hossein Khazri risked his life asking for your help. Will you ignore him? Support #iranelection Prisoners #ts
      8. Hundreds on death row, thousands under torture @statedept @eu_eeas MUST expand HR based sanctions  on IR murderers #iranelection  @UN  #ts
      9. Hossain Khazri's trial sentence of death in 10 minutes @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Must provide legal help for #iranelection prisoners #ts
      10. @statedept @eu_eeas Mohammad Reza Haddadi sentenced to death at 15. MUST stop IR savages killing children.  #iranelection @UN  #ts
      11.  Zainab Jalalian in imminent Danger of execution @statedept @eu_eeas @UN  Must use sanctions to stop IR's murder machine #iranelection #ts
      12. Abdolreza Ghanbari in imminent Danger of execution @statedept @eu_eeas @UN  Must use sanctions to stop IR's murder machine #iranelection #ts
      13. Jafar Kazemi in imminent Danger of execution@statedept @eu_eeas @UN  Must use sanctions to stop IR's murder machine #iranelection #ts
      14. IR's medieval prisons are taking the lives of #iranelection heroes @statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST hold IR accountable for HR violations #ts
      15. Ahmad Daneshpour Moghadam and his sonMohsen sentenced to death without representation @statedept @eu_eeas @UN  #iranelection #ts
      16. Mohammad Ali Saremi In Imminent Danger of execution @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Must stop IR's murder machine #iranelection #ts
      17. Retired school teacher Mohammad Ali Haj Aghaei, 62 on death row @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Must stop IR's murder machine #iranelection #ts
      18. When the lawyers are in jail, how can ppl have fair trials? @statedept @eu_eeas MUST provide legal help 2 #iranelection prisoners @UN  #ts
      19. IR kills, tortures and rapes with immunity @statedept @eu_eeas @ #iranelection prisoners ask for your help, what is the answer?  #ts
      20. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN #iranelection prisoners ask you for legal help & are dying while you decide. ACT NOW, stand for HUMAN RIGHTS! #ts
      21. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN The only way to save #iranelection prisoners lives is for YOU to hold IR formally responsible for their safety.  #ts
      22. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Shahla Jahed is the latest  victim of IR's blood lust.  #iranelection  INCREASE HR based sanctions on IR #ts
      23. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN  Students, teachers, lawyers & journalists in IR torture chambers. ENACT HR based sanctions NOW! #iranelection #ts
      24. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN We demand that you hold IR responsible for safety  #iranelection prisoners. ACT NOW before it is too late! #ts
      25. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN #iranelection prisoners lives hangs by a thread. Expand HR based sanctions on IR NOW! #ts
      26. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN another #iranelection prisoner dies under torture. DO NOT LET another human life become a sad statistic #ts
      27. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Oiliaee Far #iranelection prisoner has blood cancer in prison without medical help.HOLD IR RESPONSIBLE  #ts
      28. Mohabat Mahmody on death row for self defense @statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST provide legal help & justice for prisoners #Iranelection #ts
      29. #Iranelection reached out to the world 4 justice @statedept @eu_eeas @UN WILL you continue to ignore them until they are all dead?.#ts
      30. Female #iranelection prisoners in dangerous prison wards @statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST hold IR responsible for their safety #ts
      31. IR responds to Behzad Javid Tehrani's letter with 74 lashes. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN TAKE action to protect #iranelection prisoners #ts
      32. #iranelection prisoners sent to exile in prisons for dangerous criminals @statedept @eu_eeas @UN HOLD IR responsible fro their safety #ts
      33. Hengameh Shahidi back in prison w/out finishing treatment @statedept @eu_eeas @UN  HOLD IR accountable 4 her safety #iranelection  #ts
      34. #iranelection prisoners suffer torture w/out medical help @statedept @eu_eeas @UN They look to you for help. ACT now b4 it’s too late! #ts
      35. IR torturers kills #iranelection heroes in their horrific prisons @statedept @eu_eeas @UN YOUR Support saves Prisoners lives! ACT NOW #ts

    . Hengameh Shahidi before prison                                             Zeinab Jalalian on death row
    Trade Union Workers in Prison
      1. Mansoor Osanlo tortured and in need of med help.@statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST hold IR responsible for #iranelection prisoner safety #ts
      2. IR tortures Osanlo to near death then tortures his bride @statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST support #iranelection prisoners rights #ts
      3. Behnam  Ibrahim Zadeh on hunger strike in prison @statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST hold IR responsible for #iranelection prisoner saftey #ts
      4. Reza Shahabi trade unionist in Evin without charges@statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST hold IR responsible for #iranelection prisoner safety #ts
      5. @statedept @eu_eeas @UN help us bring IR to Int. Criminal Courts for crimes against humanity. What say you?  #iranelection  #ts
      6. We seek justice against IR to in Int. HR courts @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Will you help us or trade justice for oil? #iranelection  #ts
      Hengameh Shahidi was sent back to prison today without completing the medical leave. She needed surgery for the beating she received in prison. I included a before prison of her. The one in blue shawl is the most recent before her return to prison. She is on hunger strike!!

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Tweet Storm Project Overview

    I am from Iran where a savage dictatorship is raging against reason. Our people are resisting the tide of madness through peaceful and legal means culminating in last years elections; the regime has answered us with bullets and imprisonments.

    Iran was the first civil uprising who used the social media as a form of communication and was able to send images of horrific brutality of the recognised the peaceful demonstrations.
    At first the world responded by tidal wave of anger and outrage against the regime but soon our problems became lost among many others in the world and our people were left to face the anger or the regime. Worse yet the news media, as the often do, found newer stories and Iran news was relegated to the back pages.
    The Iranian ex-pats who were energized at first but soon interpreted the faltering world attention as lack of interest from the world and went back into shadows.

    That is all but a small group who continued tirelessly on social media and took on the role of citizen journalists exposing the crimes of Islamic Republic of Iran against our citizens. I am one of them, one of many but what I was able to do with the help of others like me  is nothing short of amazing.

    I had an idea one day about taking street demonstrations into the web. I thought what if we all said the same thing at the same time?  I wrote about 40 tweets in defense of jailed human rights activist and child laborer activist Shiva Nazar Ahary. This young woman’s crime was to try to build a shelter, with her own and donated money, for street children and child laborers. For that she  was imprisoned, tortured and kept in a cage so small she could not move her arms and legs for weeks on end. Finally the regime but her on trial on charges of “Mohareb” or war against God which carries only two outcomes; exhoneration or execution. No one was betting on exhonrration.  

    So I advertised what I was going to do, picked an hours on Friday evening and sent the tweets out on my blog space, my face book page and twitter. To my amazement about 100people showed up and in one hour we sent over 900 tweets in her defense to UN, Amnesty International, US State Department and EU foreign body law makers.

    The next day she was freed on bail and her charges were reduced to a hefty fine. Of course  I thought that it was a fluke and had NOTHING to do with me.  So the next week I picked up another cause for a young Kurdish woman condemned to death and the next week another cause. By this time I had build a steady following who would show up every week. So I formed a leadership group. A Liberal American group contacted us and asked for some tips to have their own tweet storm, exactly like us and they are off and running now but do advertise for us and participate in our storms.

    Other results we achieved out of this crazy idea:

    1- Shiva was not hanged and is now free.

    2- Two weeks  after we started Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech in defense of the prisoners and imposed sanctions on IR and put 8 of the IR officials on human rights criminal list , blocked their assets in US banks and put travel restrictions against them.

    3- EU did not immediately follow suit. We targeted EU law makers and demanded that they follow US sanction. Two weeks later an EU lawmaker tweeted back to us and pledged to enact sanctions against IR. The very next week the sanctions passed very severe set of restrictions and froze IR leaders assets in EU banks and put travel restrictions on IR members.

    4- Hegmaej Shahidi, a young female journalist who suffered torture in prison was denied access to have sugary. We t her cause in every week’s storm and she was finally allowed medical leave.

    5- We also target UN. Last week a UN personnel who is a friend of one of our team members told her that not only UN is aware of our tweet storm but they know the time and date and wait for it every week.  She told us to keep on tweeting and that UN is using these tweets in their decision making process.

    6- What is most important is that the executions of known prisoners has stopped dead in its tracks. Although, IR still tries and does kill at least one person a day. Unfortunately those are the unknown prisoners . We are making every attempt to find their names and stop the executions.

    We have taken a pledge to expose every crime, every brutality and every injustice against the people of Iran and we will continue this path until there is justice for all.  And after the Iran is free, if even one of the IR criminals is mistreated in prison, we will start a tweet storm in his or her defense.  We do mean what we say!