Friday, December 3, 2010

Tweet Storm : International Human Rights Day/ Iran's Student Day (16 Azar)


Hits on US State Department = 315

Hits on EU foreign Policy Office = 315

Hits on Liberal EU lawmakers (@ALDEADLE) = 264

Hits on French President Twitter Site (@Elysee)  = 221

Total Impact on the WORLD =  1115 Tweets in defense of freedom and democracy

Time California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

Date: Thursday  12/09/10

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Tweet Storm : International Human Rights Day/ Iran's Student Day (16 Azar)

1.    @eu_eeas Our brave #iranelection prisoners suffer inhumane torture while you have tea with IR in Geneva. @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept #ts

2.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Talks w/ IR that don't include HR are another violation of our ppl's Human Rights #iranelection #ts

3.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee  Ignoring HR in talks w/ IR implicates Europe in IR's HR Crimes!! @statedept  #iranelection #ts

4.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee What is EU doing for Int. HR day? Ashton sits down w/ fascist IR.SHAME on you!! @statedept  #iranelection #ts

5.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee When you shake hands with IR, you'll get our blood on your hands! @statedept  #iranelection #ts

6.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee Empathy for HR let Hitler to kill 6M. How many does IR have to kill b4 YOU CARE?! @statedept  #iranelection #ts

7.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee MUST enact HR based sanctions on IR leaders! @statedept expand HR based sanctions on IR #iranelection #ts

8.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Our ppl have reached out to you for Justice. How will history judge your response? #iranelection #ts

9.    IR commits Child rape, illegal  executions,torture @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Will @eu_eeas put profits above HR? #iranelection #ts

10. @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Are HR only for the YOUR ppl? Will  put YOUR profits above Iranians' HR? #iranelection #ts

11. @eu_eeasTo omit HR from talks with IR implicates Europe in Child rape, executions &torture@ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  #iranelection #ts

12. @eu_eeas #iranelection Prisoners will be leader of Free #Iran. @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  Join us in protecting their HR #ts

13. @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  PPL of #Iran ask your help to bring IR to Int. HR court . What is YOUR ANSWER? #Iranelection  #ts

14. @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  PPL of #Iran ask your help to bring IR to Int. HR court . What is YOUR ANSWER? #Iranelection  #ts

15. @eu_eeas @statedept SL calls Nucs the shield that protect IR. Don't bargain HR for agreements IR will NEVER honor! #Iranelection  #ts

16. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE  History shown IR lies &cheats on NUCS agreement. Don't Bargain our HR for false promises #Iranelection #ts

17. #IranElection Prisoners ask your hlp to bring IR 2 Int. HR Crimes court . @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADL Will you ignore their plea? #ts

18. Blood of students,HR activists& #Iranelection prisoners paid for Secular democracy Don't let Ashton sell out on our HR @ALDEADL @eu_eeas #eu

19. Since 1979,IR executed 1,600+ students for their views.@ALDEADL @eu_eeas Your silence on HR violations cost lives #iranelection #ts

20. Rape & torture in IR dungeons 4 #Iranection prisoners  @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept MUST bring IR to Int. HR crimes court #ts

21. @eu_eeas What is there to talk about to IR except HR? @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Anything else implicates EU in IR savagery #ts

22. @eu_eeas What is there to talk about 2 IR except HR?@ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Anything else implicates EU in IR crimes #iranelection #ts

23. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee HR based sanctions CAN stop IR brutality. Act NOW to save #iranelection prisoners lives!  #ts

24. West has crushed our hopes 4 democracy for 100 yrs. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE Will you continue YOUR past mistakes?.#iranelection  #ts

25. @eu_eeas @statedept Does it concern you that While you were talking to IR, students were beaten, arrested? @ALDEADLE  #iranelection #ts

26. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee PPl of #Iran ask you to BRING IR to HR criminal trial. WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?  #iranelection #ts

27. @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Trade with IR brings rape,torture  & death for our people and profits for you.  #iranelection #ts

28. @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Time to choose, profit from IR crimes or support secular HR & democracy for Iran #iranelection #ts

29. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Hundreds on death row,more under torture. IR must be brought to Int. criminal court #iranelection #ts

30. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee To be silent about IR's HR crimes is to condone cruelty and injustice to our people. #iranelection #ts

31. @ALDEADLE @statedept @eu_eeas DEMAND IR be brought to International court for abuse Human rights of #iranelection women prisoners #ts  

32. #iranelection prisoners face lice,hepatitis, rape & torture @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept @eu_eeas Enact sanctions 4 HR violations #ts 

33. Iranian women raped, tortured 4 demanding equality @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal #iranelection #ts

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