Friday, December 17, 2010

Tweet Storm :Torture& rape in IR /IR mass murder of Poli. prisoner in the 80's

Time California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

Date: Thursday  12/23/10

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1.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept No more selecting of leader for Iran by others, hear the ppl they want secular democracy #iranelection
2.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Efforts for ruling #Iran by proxy have failed.  We have earned the right to democracy #iranelection
3.    #Iran ppl paid for Secular Democracy with blood. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Respect the will of our nation #iranelection #ts
4.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Any talks with IR that does not center on HR is another violation of our HR ! #iranelection #ts
5.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Without a Secular Democracy unrest will never end. Peace through justice for #Iran #iranelection #ts
6.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee #Iran ians seek justice in courts not battle fields. Support Justice for  #iranelection Prisoners #ts
7.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee  Bring IR to court of HR crimes. Anything less is a tacit consent for IR crimes #iranelection #ts
8.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee  Talks with IR that do not include HR only serve to legitimize IR brutality #iranelection #ts
9.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Your silence on IR's HR crimes will implicate all EU  nations in IR savagary  #iranelection #ts
10.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee How can talks with IR not include rape, torture,pedophilia? Do we NOT deserve HR? #iranelection #ts
11.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee IR responds to peaceful protest w/ rape & torture & execution. Support #iranelection  prisoners #ts
12.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Mohamad S. Kbodvand, champion of HR, needs your help. Don't let IR kill freedom #iranelection  #ts
13.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee  #iranelection  women in a ward with addicts &contagious desieses. Stand for their HR #ts
14.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Another 14 ppl received stoning sentence.  Their lives depend on your actions  #iranelection  #ts
15.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee IR sends  #iranelection  prisoners to far & dangerous prisons. Don't let IR kill them quietly #ts
16.    Reza Bokany, Poli prisoner, sends you a letter requesting help .@eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  Will you help? #Iranelection #ts
17.    Golro and Hedayat  #iranelection women on hunger strike 4 bad prison conditions. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Support their HR  #ts
18.    Nazanyn Khosravany ,female journalist in solitary without charges    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Stand for HR !#iranelection  #ts
19.    Norizadeh, near death for writing a letter to SL  @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee MUST Stand for HR  for #Iran! #iranelection  #ts
20.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee Thank you 4 asking IR 2 stop executions. Action is needed @statedept Expand HR sanctions on IR #iranelection  #ts
21.    IR will not respond to condemnations & keeps killing  @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Expand HR sanctions on IR #iranelection  #ts
22.    RajaiShar prison, IR's killing field 4 prisoner of conscience @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  Stand for HR #iranelection  #ts
23.    RajaiShar prisoners' families request your help @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  Don't let IR kill w/ impunity #iranelection  #ts
24.    RajaiShar prisoners write to you 2 expose IR brutality @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  Stand w/ Justice & HR !#iranelection  #ts
25.    Evin prisoners on hunger strike in critical cond.@eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  Hold IR to account for HR crimes #iranelection  #ts
26.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  IR tried to make the world forget prisoners by exiling them.DON"T forget their HR #iranelection  #ts
27.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept IR judge 2 Golpari-poor, "I'll put D noose around your neck". Stop  IR executions #iranelection  #ts
28.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Javid-Tehrani, student, 10 yrs in prison, receives 70 lashed for writing a letter. #iranelection  #ts
29.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept IR wants us to forget Majid Tavaki by exiling him. ow can we forget freedom? #iranelection  #ts
30.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept IR refusing Zeinab Jalalian med help after torture. Your silence will kill her #iranelection  #ts
31.    IR will kill Osanlo and other prisoners of conscience unless  @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  stand for their HR #iranelection #ts
32.    IR arrests and kills Kurds without reason  @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  stand for their HR  in #Iran #iranelection #ts
33.    IR executed 11 without trial in Baloochestan . @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Help us stop IR killing machine #iranelection #ts
34.    Hossain Khazri wrote to the world from IR dungeons. @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Will you ignore his pleas?  #iranelection  #ts
35.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept   How can you talk 2 IR abt commerce when thousands are raped and tortured by IR? #iranelection  #ts
36.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Ashton says EU wants normal relations with IR. Will EU sacrifice HR for commerce? #iranelection  #ts
37.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept PPL of #Iran demand Justice in courts of law. Don't ignore their pleas!  #iranelection  #ts
38.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Demand IR release Stodeh & all HR lawyers and activist. Expand HR sanctions on IR #iranelection  #ts
39.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  Lack of action about HR crimes legitimizes IR actions.  EXPAND HR SANCTIONS ON IR #iranelection #ts
40.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept 20 yrs ago IR killed 7000 prisoners of conscience. Support justice for #Iran #iranelection #ts
41.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept in 88 IR killed Students, teens, men &women & dumped their bodied n mass graves #iranelection #ts
42.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept How can there be justice anywhere when the world is negotiating  w/ mass murderers? #iranelection #ts
43.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept #Iran ians demand justice & few world leader care! Commerce over conscience? #iranelection #ts
44.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept In one summer IR killed our friends and families  Don't let IR kill w/ impunity !#iranelection #ts
45.    @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  PPL killed in summer of 88 are not statistics they were our friends and families #iranelection #ts

46. @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Janfeshani (M)& Ebadi (W) sentenced to stoning ASK HR activists for help!  #iranelection @UNHCR

47.@eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept @UN Habib Latifi ,student activist sentenced  based on Khomini's book and Quran NOT LAW #iranelection

48. @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept  @UN Habib Latifi  sentenced to dath today. To be exeuted Sat. book. NO APPEALS allowed! #iranelection

49.  @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept @UN Habib Latifi ,student activist sentenced to dath based on Khomini's book and Quran #iranelection

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