Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tweet Storm topic Protest Treatment of Iran's Children by IR/ Executions, prisoners abuse


Time California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

Date: Thursday  12/02/10

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Tweet Storm Topic: Protest Treatment of  Iran's Children by IR

    1.    Children’s Rights ARE #HumanRights! Kids in Iran need SUPPORT @eu_eeas @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    2.    Why is the world quiet about the child abuses by IRI? #HumanRights ARE Children’s Rights @eu_eeas @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    3.    IR reduced age of consent to 9. @eu_eeas @statedept @UN Show  your outrage with ACTION not WORDS #iranelection #ts
    4.    IRI uses children as a cheap labor force. We DEMAND @statedept  @eu_eeas Bring IR to HR crimes Courts @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    5.    Why does the West ignore the plight of child labor in #Iran? Where are THEIR human rights? @eu_eeas @statedept @UN #iranelection #ts
    6.    Why are @eu_eeas @statedept silent about IR sanctioned pedophilia when they can take ACTION to stop HR crimes by IR?@UN #iranelection #ts
    7.    Child laborers in IR owned factories suffer abuse @eu_eeas @statedept Start HR violation tribunal against IR @UNICEF  #iranelection #ts
    8.    IR takes no responsibility 4 child laborers. Will the West stand for their rights? @eu_eeas @statedept @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    9.    IR savagely punishes Child laborers advocates @eu_eeas @statedept MUST enact HR crimes tribunal for IR @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    10.  The world is united against child abused by IR @eu_eeas @statedept MUST join the rest of Humanity to protect children @UN #iranelection #ts
    11.  @eu_eeas @statedept @UN MUST NOT BARGAIN with children rights in negotiations with IR . TO DO SO WILL BE UNFORGIVABLE #iranelection #ts
    12.  @eu_eeas @statedept @UN IR WILL NOT honor any NUC agreements. Do not sell out OUR Children rights for false promises #iranelection #ts
    13.  @eu_eeas @statedept @UN MUST expand HR sanctions against IR to include violations of children #HumanRights  #iranelection #ts
    14.  Lack of concern 4 rights of Children under IRI is astounding! @eu_eeas @statedept enact HR crimes tribunal for IR @UNICEF #iranelection #ts
    15.  @eu_eeas  @statedept  @UN We do NOT CARE for lip service to Children HR .Start HR Crimes investigations against IR NOW!! #iranelection #ts
    16.  @eu_eeas @statedept NO MORE double-standards about Children HR. ACT now to preserve  HR for #Iran 's future generations #iranelection #ts
    17.  20 yrs ago IRI used boys to clear mines-now kids work in mines. @eu_eeas @statedept @UN Where’s YOUR outrage? #iranelection #
    18.  Seeking children’s rights is a CRIME in IRI! The world MUST Step in to save our kids @statedept @eu_eeas @UNICEF iranelection #ts
    19.  IR hands harsh sentences to child rights activist while @statedept @eu_eeas negotiates with IR. SHAME!  #iranelection #ts
    20.  @statedept @eu_eeas for a century west has helped crush our freedom. Will you compound past mistakes by protecting IR?  #iranelection #ts
    21.  @eu_eeas@statedept MUST HOLD IR responsible for commitments under Convention on Rights of Children @UN ACT NOW!!  #iranelection #ts
    22.  IR savagely punished HR activists @eu_eeas @statedept Your silence speaks volumes about your REAL commitment to HR #iranelection #ts
    23.  PPL of #Iran reach our to civilized world to bring IR to justice@eu_eeas @statedept  @UN Will you continue to ignore us? #iranelection #ts
    24.  @statedept @eu_eeas  MUST HELP @UN enforce HR compliance, even in Iran! ACT NOW to defend justice instead of profits #iranelection #ts
    25.  ALL Iranians are behind sanctions of IR for HR abuse @eu_eeas  @statedept Expand the list of 8 to include ALL IR criminals #iranelection #ts
    26.  Thank You @UNICEF for your important work protecting abused children in Iran #IranElection #ts
    27.  @eu_eeas @statedept YOU must hold IR responsible for HR of #Iran children. Don't trade their lives for YOUR gains @UNICEF  #iranelection #ts
    28.  IR has sanctions child soldiers, child laborers and legalized pedophilia. @eu_eeas @statedept WHY are you silent? #iranelection #ts
    29.  IR's savage practice of child imprisonment  and executions MUST STOP @eu_eeas @statedept Enact HR Crimes tribunal NOW!!. #iranelection #ts
    30.  Rape, murder & hard labor, daily realities for #Iran children @eu_eeas @statedept history will judge your response to IR! #iranelection #ts
    Extra Credit: Executions, prisoners abuse

    31.  @UN @StateDept @eu_aaes Any negotiation with IR that doesn't center on HR violations is a ANOTHER VIOLATION of  our PPl’s HR #IranElection
    32.  @UN @StateDept @eu_aaes  #Iran will be FREE and we will remember your efforts to help us. The history will be our witness #IranElection
    33.  #Iranelection prisoners under torture and threat of execution. @UN @StateDept @eu_aaes Enact HR Crimes tribunal for IR NOW #ts
    34.  @eu_eeas @statedept Negotiations MUST aim to STOP HR abuses by IR. ANy thing else is another violation of our HR #iranelection #ts
    35.  @eu_eeas @statedept  IR kills with impunity while you play politics.  Empower HR crimes tribunal for IR!!#iranelection #ts
    36.  @eu_eeas what will happen after you bargained our Human Rights for NUC agreement and IR cheats AGAIN? @statedept #iranelection #ts
    37.  @eu_eeas Willing to negotiate with IR's fascist state? Is Catherine Ashton to be the modern day Chamberlain? @statedept #iranelection #ts


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