Monday, December 13, 2010

Tweet Storm: Defense of Prisoners/ Talks with IR must include HR

Time California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

Date: Thursday  12/16/10

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Negotiations with IR MUST center on  HR

 1.    West has crushed our hopes 4 democracy for 100 yrs. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE Will you continue YOUR past mistakes?.#iranelection  #ts
2.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept Don't ignore the crimes of IR. Your silence is screaming discrimination. #iranelection #ts
3.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept Freedom of political prisoners must be 1st condition for talk with IR. #iranelection #ts
4.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept Uphold your responsibility to humanity not just business. Impose HR sanctions on IR #iranelection #ts
5.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas Policy of supporting tyrants does not work anymore. STOP trying to save IR!! @statedept  #iranelection #ts
6.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept IR kills, tortures & rapes while you decide on policy. ACT now, impose HR sanctions  #iranelection #ts
7.    @ALDEADL @eu_eeas @Elysee Why trade with a gov that legalizes child rape? Is it apathy or discrimination? @statedept  #Iranelection #ts
8.    @ALDEADL @eu_eeas @Elysee @statedept any negotiations with IR that does not Center on  HR is another violation of our HR !! #Iranelection
9.    @ALDEADL @eu_eeas @Elysee If you ease pressure on IR ,YOU allow another mass killing of prisoners of conscience. @statedept  #Iranelection
10.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept What happened to supporting democracy and HR? Has commerce replaced conscience? #iranelection #ts
11.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee HR based sanctions CAN stop IR brutality. Act NOW to save #iranelection prisoners lives!  #ts
12.    PPL of #Iran reach out to civilized world for justice @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Will you continue to ignore us? #iranelection #ts
13.    Lawyers,students,teachers die in IR dungeons while you decide. ACT NOW @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept @eu_eeas Impose HR sanctions on IR  #ts
14.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Negotiations MUST STOP HR abuses by IR. ANYTHING else is another violation of our HR #iranelection #ts
15.    Hossein Khezri at great risk for execution.@eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Your silence can and will kill!! #iranelection #ts
16.    @eu_eeas  @ALDEADLE @Elysee Why are you trying to normalize relations with IR? Is HR just for the WEST? @statedept #iranelection #ts
17.    IR's medieval prisons are taking the lives of #iranelection heroes @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee HOLD IR accountable ! #ts
18.    @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee #Iran leaders are in prison. PPL across the table from you are Int. HR criminals #iranelection  #ts
19.    @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee IR will NEVER honor agreements. Do not trade OUR  HR for false promises #iranelection  #ts
20.    @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee When you shake hands with IR, you will get blood of our heroes on your hands!  #iranelection  #ts
21.    @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee Free Democratic #Iran will be an asset to the world not a Nuclear threat!  #iranelection  #ts

Defense of Prisoners

22.    Habib Alah Golpry por in imminent danger of execution on false charges @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept @eu_eeas Impose HR sanctions on IR  #ts 

23.    Nasrin Stodeh in jail for defending HR. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee  Stand for HR and Justice not just commerce! #iranelection #ts 

24.    @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Zinab Jalalian needs sugary due to torture. HOLD IR accountable for HR!  #iranelection #ts 

25.    Arash Sadeghy hunger strike to protest being tortured in prison. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee What about his HR? #iranelection #ts 

26.    Hengameh Shahidi in prison instead of hospital  @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee HOLD IR accountable for her safety #iranelection #ts 

27.    Navid Mohebbi a teenage in prison for blogging. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee IMPOSE HR SANCTIONS ON IR #iranelection #ts 

28.    Mohammad Reza Haddadi In Imminent Danger of execution @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee STOP IR's death machine! #iranelection  #ts 

29.    Mohabat Mahmodi on death row for self defence! @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee IMPOSR HR sanctions on IR #iranelection  #ts 

30.    Mohammad Ali Saremi In Imminent Danger of execution @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Must stop IR's murder machine #iranelection #ts 

31.    Retired  teacher Mohammad Ali Haj Aghaei,on death row @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee IMPOSE HR sanctions on IR #iranelection  #ts

32.    Abdolreza Ghanbari in imminent danger of Execution. @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee STOP IR's death machine!  #iranelection  #ts

33.    Ahmad Daneshpour Moghadam, his son Mohsen  on death row. @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee STOP IR's death machine!  #iranelection  #ts

34.    @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee Demand freedom of Mehdieh Golro  and other students in IR dungeons! #iranelection  #ts

35.    @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee How will history remember you? Defender of HR or collaborator with Fascist IR?  #iranelection  #ts

36.     Mohamd Sadigh Kabdvand founder of HR 4 Kurdistan dying in prison. @statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee Demand his freedom #iranelection #ts

37.    Nazanin Khosravani kidnapped, taken to Evin.@statedept @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee Impose HR sanctions on IR leaders #iranelection #ts

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