Friday, November 19, 2010

Tweet Storm: Iran's Woman's movement/ Prisoner Abuse, illegal executions

Date: Wednesday  November 24, 2010 

Time: California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm , East Coast USA (EST)

5:00-5:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30 PM Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm                           
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Woman's movement in Iran
  1. 1.    #iranelection women prisoners in ward with drug addicts ,no visits no time outdoors @statedept @eu_eeas @UN MUST defend their rights #ts
    2.    Brave #iranelection women prisoners raped, tortured 4 standing up to IR @statedept @eu_eeas @UN Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal  #ts
    3.    #iranelection women face lice, hepatitis & torture in IR dungeons  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas MUST enact sanctions 4 HR violations  #ts
    4.    #iranelection women political prisoners illegally detained. @UN @statedept @eu_eeas You HAVE the power to provide them legal help #ts
    5.    @UN @statedept @eu_eeas DEMAND IR be brought to International court for abuse Human rights of #iranelection women prisoners  #ts
    6.    IR rapes, kills and tortures with impunity @UN @statedept @eu_eeas You can EMPOWER HR courts to bring IR to justice #iranelection  #ts
    7.    @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection Hengameh Shahidi needs sugary. your ACTIONS will be remembered by a grateful free Iran #ts
    8.    @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Will you look the other way while IR kills, rapes and tortures our heroines? Why? cheap oil? #iranelection  #ts
    9.    #iranelection women prisoners are cut off from the world @UN  @statedept @eu_eeas YOU have the POWER to provide legal help. ACT NOW #ts
    10.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection prisoners reach out to you for justice. How will story will judge your response? #ts
    11.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection Nazanin Khosravanyis  in Jail without visitation rights. How long will you ignore our HR?  #ts
    12.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection Shabnam Madadzadeh  in Jail without visitation rights. How long will you ignore our HR?  #ts
    13.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection Zeinab Jalalian tortured & on death row needs medical attention.How long will you ignore our HR? #ts
    14.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  Barrels of Oil for lives of  #iranelection prisoner. Are our lives so cheap? How about OUR HR? #ts
    15.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  Demand Justice #iranelection Prisoners. They will be  #Iran leaders of tomorrow! ACT NOW #ts
    16.  Thanks to @UN for condemning IR rights abuses. But more is needed. Bring IR before a Tribunal!  @statedept @eu_eeas #ts #iranelection
    17.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas We ask you to stand with us today and be a part of free Iran's future. What is your answer? #ts #iranelection
    18.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas YOU KNOW that IR will not honor the NUC agreements. DO not abandon HR for false promises #ts #iranelection
    19.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection female prisoners have earned the admiration of the world. Time for you to help them. ACT NOW! #ts
    20.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #iranelection prisoners stood against the savage IR with only the courage of their convictions. Where is yours? #ts
    21.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Our #iranelection heroines are raped and murdered while you wait. HOLD IR accountable for HR violations  #ts
    22.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeasYou have the power to bring IR to HR tribunal. PPL of Iran know this and expect this of you!! #iranelection  #ts
    23.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas You MUST not let IR kill with impunity. You are answerable 2 PPL of Iran and to all of HUMANITY!#iranelection  #ts
    24.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas #Iran WILL be free. Your actions in support of #iranelection prisoners will be the basis for our common future #ts
    25.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas IR doen't allow Bahreh Hedayat husband visit her in prison. ACT now to help OUR  #Iranelection heroes #ts
    26.  #Iranelection heroes are deprived of most basic human rights.@UN @statedept @eu_eeas YOU HAVE the power to bring IR b4 HR tribunal. #ts
    27.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Stand with us in support of #Iranelection prisoners. Demand the same HR for us that YOU enjoy every day !! #ts
    28.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Many #Iranelection prisoners will suffer & die while you decide. Bring IR to HR tribunal for HR violations #ts
    29.  Zainab Jalalian facing execution surfers ongoing torture @UN @statedept @eu_eeas IR MUST be procecuted for HR violations #ts #iranelection
    30.  Shahla Jaahed latest victim of IR's blood lust and fake trials.@UN @statedept @eu_eeas What of her Human Rights? #ts #iranelection
    31.  Mohabat Mahmody sentenced to death for defending herself against a rapist  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas IR must be tried for HR violations  #ts
    32.  Nasrin Stodeh, lawyer in prison for defending her clients @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Stand for Justice. Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal  #ts
    Extra Credit: Prisoner Abuse, illegal executions
    33.  Hossein Khezri at great risk for execution. Your silence can and will kill!! @UN  @statedept @eu_eeas  Stand for JUSTICE #ts #iranelection
    34.  Habib Alah Golpry por in imminent danger of execution on false charges @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal  #ts
    35.  Mohamad Sadigh Kabodvand , HR activist tortured savagely. @UN @statedept @eu_eeas Stand for Justice. Bring IR to Int. HR tribunal  #ts
    36.  #Iranelection prisoners DEMAND fair trial @UN @statedept @eu_eeas MUST Support their just cause .BRING IR to trail for HR violations.#ts
    37.  #iranelection prisoners Arzhang Davoody  tortured 4 asking @UN 's help @statedept @eu_eeas HOLD IR accountable for HR violations  #ts
    38.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  #Iranelection Prisoners have asked you to bring IR to HR tribunal. Their lives are in YOUR hands. ACT NOW  #ts
    39.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  #Iranelection prisoners seek the help of fellow human beings. They are calling out to you. CAN YOU HEAR US? #ts
    40.  @UN @statedept @eu_eeas  If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you poison us, do we not die? #Iranelection prisoners are human too. #ts

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