Monday, January 17, 2011

Tweet Storm: Stop the IR killing Iranian people

Date : Thursday 1/20/2011
Time: California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

IR has executed 256 people last year.
China has executed 255 people last year.

Iran has 75 million people
China has 1.3 Billion people

In January of 2011 IR has already executed one person every 8 hours. Count is 40+ as of today January 17!!
Latest Death sentences issued 16 year old girl and 2 homosexual youth condemned to stoning for being gay!

1.       @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept IR killed 1 human every 8 hours in Jan! STOP IR's death machine!  #iranelection
2.       @eu_eeas @secgen @BarackObama @Elysee  @PrimeministerGR @statedept Pls remind Mrs. Ashton the importance of HR for #Iran. #iranelection
3.       @eu_eeas @secgen @BarackObama @Elysee  @PrimeministerGR @statedept Help us Stop IR killing Iranian People. #iranelection
4.       @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee  @PrimeministerGR  @statedept Stop IR Murders! Enact HR Sanctions against key IR leaders! #iranelection
5.       @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee  @PrimeministerGR  @statedept Mrs Ashton Don't Bargain with our HR, its not your to GIVE! #iranelection
6.       @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept IR will Never give up NUCS, don't trade HR for false promises! #iranelection
7.       @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept a century of blood has paid our debt. Let Iran have Democracy!! #iranelection
8.       @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept No more Coups, assigning puppet leader. #Iran Wants secular Democ. #iranelection
9.       @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Our leader R in IR jails. Do not let them kill the hope 4 Democrac #iranelection
10.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept for 100 years west crushed our hopes 4 democracy. Enough is Enough #iranelection
11.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept PPL of #Iran want secular democracy Not a new IR with new SL!  #iranelection
12.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept We ask your help to protect the lives of prisoners of conscience  #iranelection
13.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Hold IR Leader responsible 4 the lives of prisoners of conscience  #iranelection
14.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept  Stand up for HR for Iran. History will remember your actions #iranelection
15.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Don't replace conscience w/ commerce! Stand for HR not profits #iranelection
16.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept HR is the only path to peace. Suppression escalates the violence! #iranelection
17.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept IR rougure dictators threaten the world. Stand for HR for #Iran.  #iranelection
18.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept PPL of Iran want peace and democracy for #Iran and the world!  #iranelection
19.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Iran is drowning in Blood! Help stop IR death machine!!  #iranelection
20.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept IR will NOT honor any agreement. Don't give IR time to build NUCS #iranelection
21.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept PPL will not be silenced in their demand for secular democracy! #iranelection
22.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Help Stop IR's death machine. Put HR sanctions on IR leaders! #iranelection
23.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept HR sanctions protect lives in IR dungeons. Stand for Democracy! #iranelection
24.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept PPL of #Iran will accept nothing less than secular democracy! #iranelection
25.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Remmber Hossain Khazri?The young man who pleaded w/ you 4 justice  #iranelection
26.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Hossain Khazri was not a statistic, he was a HUMAN BEING!  #iranelection
27.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Lives can be saved with one act. HR sanctions on IR leaders!  #iranelection
28.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Bargaining with our HR will implicate the world in IR crimes! #iranelection
29.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Be part of #Iran's future. Support secular democracy in #Iran. #iranelection
30.   @eu_eeas  @BarackObama @Elysee @PrimeministerGR @statedept Enact HR sanctions against IR leaders. Stop IR's Death Machine!! #iranelection

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