Monday, January 24, 2011

Tweet Storm: EU and US Break your silence about IR executions

Where ever you are, what ever you do, take an hour on 29th to support the international movement against executions in Iran!!
     Help us stop IR's Murder Machine!!!

Date : Thursday 1/27/2011
Time: California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

Wife of Jaafar Kazemi has a message for you, "Tell the world  leaders about the crimes committed here. Ask them  long are they going to issue statements and negotiating with IR? " 

Demand ACTION from world leaders!

1.       The only result of EU's negotiation with IR,death for #Iranelection prisoners of conscience. @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN
2.       Apathy allowed hitler to kill 6M. How many in #Iran before EU starts to care? #Iranelection @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN
3.       We demand EU put HR before profits. Impose HR sanctions on IR LEADERS NOW! #Iranelection @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN
4.       Ms. Ashton, wife of executed prisoner J, Kazemi has a message for you, "How long will you ignore crimes in Iran?" #Iranelection @eu_eeas @UN
5.       How can EU ignore the blood bath in #Iran? We demand EU impose HR sanctions on IR leader #Iranelection @eu_eeas @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee
6.       @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas Ashton's misguided policy to put commerce before HR & will earn you nothing but shame! #iranelection
7.       @Elysee Remember how France suffered fascist ocupation? How can she be a party to negotiations with fascist IR? @eu_eeas #iranelection @UN
8.       @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept  When you negotiate with IR, you condone child soldiers, sexual apparition and pedophilia. #iranelection @UN
9.       @Elysee @eu_eeas Enough talk, EU MUST start acting in defense of HR 4 #Iran or be accountable to history!! @statedept . #iranelection @UN
10.   @Elysee @eu_eeas Why does EU refuse to put HR sanctions on IR leader? Is it racism or apathy? or BOTH!! @statedept  #iranelection @UN
11.   @eu_eeas this isn't 1988, IR can't stop freedom with mass murder EU's action today will be remembered @statedept  #iranelection @UN @Elysee
12.   Ashton's policies implicate EU in IR's Crimes. Impose HR sanctions on IR Leaders #Iranelection @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN
13.   @eu_eeas EU's SHAMEFUL policy of Commerce before conscience will be remembered by history! @statedept  #iranelection @UN @Elysee
14.   @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept No more selecting of leader for Iran by others, hear the ppl they want secular democracy #iranelection
15.   @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Efforts for ruling #Iran by proxy have failed.  We have earned the right to democracy #iranelection
16.   #Iran ppl paid for Secular Democracy with blood. @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Respect the will of our nation #iranelection 
17.   @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Any talks with IR that does not center on HR is another violation of our HR ! #iranelection
18.   @eu_eeas @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept Without a Secular Democracy unrest will never end. Peace through justice for #Iran #iranelection 
19.   @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee #Iran ians seek justice in courts not battle fields. Support Justice for  #iranelection Prisoners
20.   @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee  Bring IR to court of HR crimes. Anything less is a tacit consent for IR crimes #iranelection 
21.   @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee  Talks with IR that do not include HR only serve to legitimize IR brutality #iranelection
22.   @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee Your silence on IR's HR crimes will implicate all EU  nations in IR savagery  #iranelection 
23.   @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee How can talks with IR not include rape, torture,pedophilia? Do we NOT deserve HR? #iranelection
24.   @eu_eeas @statedept @ALDEADLE @Elysee IR responds to peaceful protest w/ rape & torture & execution. Support #iranelection  prisoners @UN


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