Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tweet Storm: Prison Conditions in IR/Stoning and Child Execution

Date and Time: Thursday February 10, 2011
California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm
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1.       @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas No more condemnation, EU MUST adopt @statedept sanctions against IR leaders @UN #iranelection
2.       IR Killing prisoners of conscience by withholding medical care in prisons @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas HR  @statedept #iranelection
3.       Prisoners suffer torture & filhty conditions @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept IR MUST be tried for HR violations #iranelection
4.       @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas why close your eyes on IR crimes against humanity? Support @statedept HR sanctions on IR leader @UN #iranelection
5.       @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN IR killed Zahra Bahrami on drug charges. How can IR court judgments be trusted? #iranelection
6.       @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN IR uses torture to extract false confession to be used to kill innocent ppl #iranelection
7.       @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN sea of #Iran blood has reached EU, how will history remember your actions? #iranelection
8.       Arash Arkan, dies lack of treatment in IR jail @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept HOLD IR accountable 4 HR Violations #iranelection
9.       Zinab Jalalian denied medical care in prison @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept IR MUST answer 4 safety of prisoners  #iranelection
10.    Bahreh Hedayt  need of Emergency med Care @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept IR MUST answer 4 safety of prisoners  #iranelection
11.    Hengameh Shahidi needs Emergency med Care @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept IR MUST answer 4 safety of prisoners  #iranelection
12.    Eisa SaharKhiz needs Emergency med Care @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept IR MUST answer 4 safety of prisoners  #iranelection
13.    IR witholding med care for Hamed Rohani Nejad suffering from MS @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept #iranelection
14.    Fatemeh Salbehi 19, girl, face imminent execution! @UN@ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept IR MUST be tried for HR crimes #iranelection
15.    Ashkan Miri,14 sentenced to death W/O proper trial. Bring IR B4 HR criminal court @UN@ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept #iranelection @ALDEADLE
16.    Ehsan 19, in imminent danger of execution for being GAY @UN@ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept Bring IR B4 HR Crimes court #iranelection
17.    79 children on death row without proper trail @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept HOLD IR accountable 4 HR violation #iranelection
18.    IR has stoned 100+ ppl to death since79. @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept Hold IR accountable for HR violations #iranelection
19.    46 HUMAN beings waiting to be stoned to death @UN @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept Hold IR accountable for HR violations #iranelection
20.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN Only result of 5+1 meeting with IR was 300% rise in Executions!!  #iranelection
21.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee #Iran ppl wonder WHY @eu_eeas doesn’t support @statedept  IR sanctions? Is it racism or apathy? @UN #iranelection
22.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas Future belongs to ppl of #iran. EU must show good faith to the ppl of #Iran not IR! @statedept @UN #iranelection
23.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas Please tell the ppl of #Iran Why you don't support @statedept HR sanction on IR leaders?  @UN #iranelection
24.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept injustice pushed Middle East to violent uprisings. No peace is possible without HR #iranelection
25.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN The world MUST hold IR responsible for safety of prisoners of conscience!  #iranelection
26.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN PPL of #Iran asked for your help. What is your answer? More negotiations with IR?  #iranelection
27.    @ALDEADLE @Elysee @eu_eeas @statedept @UN Freedom has come to Middle East. IT is time to choose, People OR dictators?  #iranelection
28.    @eu_eeas  @ALDEADLE @Elysee PPl of #Iran want secular democracy. Will you support their will or the fascist IR? #iranelection @UN @statedept
29.    @eu_eeas  @ALDEADLE @Elysee How many must die before EU supports @statedept HR sanctions on IR? #iranelection @UN
30.    @eu_eeas  @ALDEADLE @Elysee All we are asking for is HR. IS that too much? Support @statedept HR sanctions on IR #iranelection @UN
31.    @eu_eeas  @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept We are not chess pieces, YOU are playnig politics with human lives!! !#iranelection @UN
32.    @eu_eeas  @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept West forced IR on #Iran , time to take responsibility for 30 years of bloodshed! #iranelection @UN
33.    @eu_eeas  @ALDEADLE @Elysee @statedept PPL of middle east want SECULAR democracy not more Islamist fascism!!  #iranelection @UN

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