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List of Tweets for This Week's Tweet Storm

Tweet Storm Agaist Death Penalty in Iran

Date and Time: Wednesday October 13, 2010

California (PST) 2:00-2:30pm, East Coast USA (EST) 5:00-5:30pm, Mainland Europe (CET) 11:00-11:30pm, UK (BST) 10:00-10:30pm

In honor of the request by Behrouz Javid Tehrani  we are dedicating this week's tweet storm to protest against the nonstop Executions in IR.
IR has been executing 3000 people a year for past 31 years.

Please follow @shadien , @shadie, @lissnup

Targets for this week: : @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts


Please follow @shadien , @shadie, @lissnup

Targets for this week: : @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

1.      IR has been Executing >3000 ppl a year for 31 yrs. We NEED your help to stop IR's death train @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

2.      140 ppl under 18 on death-row in #Iran according 2 #Amnesty Intern. TAKE ACTION 2 STOP executions @UN @eu_relex #IranElection #CNN

3.      190+ ppl hanged in #Iran since 2010! International SANCTIONS AGAINST #HUMANRIGHTS ABUSES in Iran @UN @er_relex @Statedept #IranElection 

4.      32 female political prisoners in Evin-prison on death-row!!! TAKE ACTION against #humanrights abuses in #Iran @UN @eu_relex @Statedept

5.      So far this year IR has executed 190 ppl, 141 youth on death row. Help us STOP this savage regime @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

6.      Zeinab Jalalian, Samy hossayny, Hiwa Butimar are a few on death row. We need your HELP to stop IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

7.      20 yrs ago IR went on a killing spree and executed 7000 ppl. DO NOT LET IR DO IT AGAIN @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

8.      IR executed one entire generation of freedom lovers 20 yrs ago. DO NOT LET it HAPPEN AGAIN @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

9.      PPL of Iran  look to world to take ACTION against IR Executions NOW. The eyes of the world are on @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

10.  27 Kurdis prisoners on death row. Some are on hunger strike, World must take ACTION to save them @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

11.  IR has taken on murdering anyone who speaksfor Kurdish HR. 27 on death row Need YOUR support @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

12.  32 Women in the Evin Prison  Awaiting Execution. The world MUST stop IR's lust for killing women @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

13.  IR LOVES to kill women trying to scare women into submission. Shut up or die is the message @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

14.  IR tries to create fear by executing any one who speaks up for human rights. STOP  the bloodshed @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

15.  Golparypour, Khazry, Kazmy and hudreds more on death row in IR.STOP IR's death train@statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

16.  Two priests on death row for being Christians . Why are world Christians silent on this? @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

17.  9 ppl under stoning sentence by IR. When will the world STOP IR's savagery against ppl of #Iran? @statedept @eu_relex @UN #iranelection #ts

18.  Political prisoners fighting even from inside IR's torture chambers. DO NOT LET IR KILL ANY MORE @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

19.  hundreds waiting for DEATH in IR's prisons 4 voting,speaking in public. defend their #humanrights @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

20.  Silance when IR kills at will is condoning their actions. @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

21.  Iranians are taking a stand even from inside IR's prisons. @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

22.  Iran activists on death row. Defend their #humanrights . @UN & @eu_relex must follow @Statedept sanctions IR Criminals #iranelection #ts

23.  where are all the Christian activists when priests in Iran are on death row? Where is @UN? @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

24.  IR prisons are full of #Irans 's best and the bravest. DO NOT allow IR to start killing again @UN & @eu_relex @Statedept  #iranelection #ts

25.  Help us stop IR killing prisoners of concsience@UN & @eu_relex must adopt @Statedept 's sanctions on IR criminals #iranelection #ts

26.  IR kills men, women, children even horses in Kurdistan. Do not close your eyes on ANOTHER genocide @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

27.  Jafar Kazemi, political prisoner on death-row!! Urgent case, TAKE ACTION @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #IranElection #Iran #TS

28.  Father of Hamed Rouhi-nejad, pol.prisoner:My son is on death-row! He's got MS! FREE HIM @UN @eu_relex @Statedept #IranElection #Iran

29.  The story of political prisoners in Iran: the inhumanity of being executed for your beliefs.
@statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

30.  The orgy of death awaits 100s of political prisoners in Iran @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

31.  Imagine: A prisoner committed suicide in Iran on the eve of his execution! @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

32.  Drug sentences R sometimes a pretext-they're actually executing political prisoners in Iran @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

33.  If U do nothing abt executions of political prisoners in Iran, we have 2 assume U condone them @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

34.  A. Ghanbari,  Jafar Kazemi,  M. Haj-Aghaie,  Are in imminante danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

35.  .Daneshpour Moghadam,his son M. Daneshpour Moghadam,  Are in imminent dangr of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

36.  Mohammad Ali Saremi, Zeinab Jalalian  Are in imminent danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

37.  Mohammad Reza Haddadi and Hossein Khezri  Are in imminent danger of Execution by IR @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

38.  If @eu_relex, @UN want to be a part of #Iran ‘s future, show support for poli prisoners NOW!! @statedept @eu_relex @UN #IranElection #TS

Friends, Please tweet and re-tweet this one. We want it to be one of the top tweets of the week. Thank you!!

39.  #HumanRights based sanctions by @statedept keep #IranElection prisoners alive. @eu_relex MUST join US to prevent another massacre #TS

Extra Credit: Protest  The Genocide in Iran’s Kurdistan  
1.      Kurdish-Iranians R on death-row 4 being politcally active! TAKE ACTION against abuses in #Iran @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

2.      Do not close your eyes on holocaust in Kurdistan.STOP Pretending it is not happening  @UN @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

3.      @UN once said NEVER AGAIN but now is silent in face of genocide in Kurdistan.  @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts

4.      Being Kurdish is an automatic death sentence in #Iran. Help stop the Kurdish genocide of IR @Statedept @eu_relex #iranelection #ts